Ongoing operations devoid of injuries and occupational accidents is a a core value of the Nesher vision and of its activity in its plants. Both management and employees are responsible for safety. Within this framework, joint employee-management health and safety committees meet periodically. In addition to these, there are dedicated safety control mechanismsat disposal of  senior management.


Nesher employees


The company believes in a proactive approach in all matters concerning safety and occupational accidents, and precautionary measures are therefore taken. As a part of this policy, apre-planning tool for each task is thoroughly integrated and implemented at all company levels. For this purpose, risk assessment procedures are used to identyy safety vulnerabilities in the work environment to carrying out a task in the field. The preparatory measures include all links in the management and labor chain.

In addition to pre-planning designed to prevent accidents, the Company also uses a debriefing process for “near hit accidents” (incidents with no visible injuries or damage). This is motivated by a realization that every near-hit  incidentcan be useful for preventing future accidents, drawing conclusions, and understanding how to deal with situations that may lead to a safety hazard.

Any incident involving an injury or potential injury undergoes and internal analysis designed to understand what caused the problem and how it may be avoided. The analysis includes a comprehensive and thorough inquiery by a team of workers and managers, which is eventually translated into proactive precautionary guidelines.


Concurrently and on an ongoing basis, managers at all levels frequently visit the Nesher plants to identify existing risks in advance, and measures are taken to prevent safety hazards or incidents.

The Company also provides safety training for the entire workforce and works to promote a safety culture in which observance of the safety procedures and risk management are an integral part of the performance of every task. Cooperation and assimilation of safety measures are an essential part of the work routine; this is why Nesher consistently accomplishes its safety targets, through implementation of lessons learned and improving the work processes.

For more information about Nesher’s Safety Management, including data and performance, please click on this Link to see Nesher’s Corporate Responsibility Report.