Neshr strives to promote the workers’ rights through a commitment to preventing occupational accidents, supporting their right to organize and negotiate, supporting the prevention of discrimination and respect for the freedom of occupation in all  the Company’s areas of operation.

Most of Nesher’s employees are employed based on the provisions of collective agreements that apply to the Cement industry in general,  and special collective agreements signed at the Company’s various plants applying only to the workers of that particular plant. These agreements are periodically updatedfollowing negotiations between the plant employee committees and the management. In each plant there is an employee union associated with the Histadrut (the national trade union). Some 76% of the workers in the organization are represented by labor unionsand and have special collective agreements which are renewed every two or three years. The terms of employment for the rest of the employees are determined through personal employment contracts.


Nesher Employees

Job security

Throughout its 90-year history, Nesher has been a safe and stable place of employment for its hundreds of employees, where the employee turnover at the company’s plants is as low as 4%. A sizable proportion of the Company employees are senior workers who have been employed by the company for decades – individuals who feel a deep sense of commitment to the Company and who identify with its values and  act based on a sense of purpose and loyalty.


Nesher Employees


The dedication of Nesher’s employees is a direct result of the policy of job security, a policy promoted by the company management. Nesher considers itself responsible for creating job security and stability for its employees and  therefore invests considerable resources in providing appropriate conditions, fostering dialogue, maintaining an ongoing  interlocution with the workers at all levels, and establishing cordial, stable and open employer-employee relations. Indeed, it has been over a decade now that there have been no labor strikes at the company’s plants. Furthermore, the Company invests considerable resources and time in developing relevant training, courses and skill development, which create employment flexibility and open up numerous avenues for employee career promotions. This policy instills the workforce with a sense of satisfaction and loyalty to the organization, thereby leading to its growth.

The company is proud of its employees and is committed to them at all times.