Treatment of wastes and contaminated soils

Nesher Ramla is not only the Israel’s largest cement plant, but also the largest recycling plant in the country.
The plant utilizes a wide range of alternative fuels (RDF) derived from municipal and industrial wastes, uses various industrial by-products (such as coal fly ash, FGD gypsum, mineral wastes) as alternative raw materials, and provides contaminated soil treatment services. The plant is also authorized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to treat a wide range of hazardous wastes.


As such, Nesher Ramla implements the principle of circular economy: Municipal and industrial wastes replace the use of natural resources, while providing an end solution for wastes which otherwise would have been landfilled.

Industrial facilities or other entities interested in Nesher’s waste and contaminated soil treatment services are welcome to call Mr. Haim Gabay, at 073-2911557 or