Nesher’s management sees environmental protection as a core value and directs its development activities accordingly, by setting quantitative goals and environmental performance indicators.

The Management’s vision for the company reflects its desire to improve Nesher’s environmental, social and economic performance. Furthermore, the Company aspires to take the lead with regards to environmental issues while serving as a benchmark and setting an example for other companies in the Israeli industry and for  international cement companies.

Nesher’s commitment to building a robust infrastructure based on sustainable growth, is manifested in a proactive approach regarding core environmental issues, such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a constant search for and assimilation of technological innovations facilitating energy efficiency, use of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels, and conservation of natural resources by using recycled raw materials, waste materials and by-products from various  industries.

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Environmental Policy

A policy of commitment

Allocating resources: allocating the necessary resources for maintaining health, safety and protecting the environment.

Compliance with statutory requirements: compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements while cooperating with the authorities to prevent safety and environmental hazards, both in and outside the company’s facilities.

Business culture

Awareness and involvement: the Company’s employees and managers are responsible for and fully committed to maintaining safety, protecting the environment and promoting product quality.

Commitment, decency and neighborly cooperation: a commitment to fair and just management, out of responsibility for the company’s employees, neighboring communities, the company’s sites and the social fabric in which Nesher operates.

Transparency: a policy of public transparency that includes advertisement and disclosure of information on the company’s production processes and products.

Control: a periodic review by management of the company’s policy and technology, which are modified in line with new developments, legislation and environmental conditions.

Responsible management:

Safety, health and the environment: safety in production and transportation, promoting employees’ health and protecting the environment, while maintaining the highest standards of production, quality and profitability.

Initiative and prudence: taking a pro-active approach with regard to safety and the environment, with an emphasis on preventive action rather than corrective action.

Sustainability: continued aspiration to improve the company’s environmental-social and economic performance while setting quantitative goals for execution and follow-up, with sustainable resource management.

Environmental management: a gradual implementation of a comprehensive environmental management system at the company’s facilities, mainly in the quarries and cement production sites, in order to build up Nesher’s economic strength.

Energy preservation and prevention of a climate change: a proactive approach with regard to energy preservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including the use of fuel substitutes.

Recycling and efficient use of raw material: use of recycled materials in the production process as a substitute for quarried raw materials, while complying with environmental regulations.

Product quality and warranty

Product quality: development and production of strong and durable products that meet customers’ demands.

Green building: the company’s products, when used adequately, create a solid infrastructure for green building suitable for Israeli weather conditions, at affordable costs.

Technical data and support: supporting activities related to energy conservation and efficient use of resources during the stages of construction, in particular related to the use of cement.

Investments in environmental protection

Nesher’s commitment to the environment is also reflected in considerable financial investments. Nesher invests in development, maintenance, monitoring, pollution prevention, clean-up activities and environmental technology. Compliance with advanced environmental regulations and additional commitments that Nesher voluntarily assumed require resources that amount to tens of millions of shekels annually.

Costs incurred by Nesher for the purpose of preventing or minimizing environmental impacts summed up to approximately 120 million NIS in the last five years.