Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd., Israel's sole producer of cement has led the
country's building sector for over 80 years. Since its establishment, the company has
become a major force in Israeli industry through the high quality of its products and its
commitment to customers and the environment. Nesher supplies most of the cement
needs of Israel and the Palestinian Authority and also exports cement and clinker.
The company has three plants located in Haifa, Ramla and Har Tuv. The company's
flagship plant in Ramle near Tel Aviv is one of the world's largest and leading
factories in terms of production capacity, advanced production technology and
preserving the environment.
Financial Strength
Nesher's financial strength stems from its ownership by Clal Industries (75%), one of Israel's leading investment companies, the country's largest holding company and CRH (25%) - a leading international building-products group based in Ireland.

Israel's National Cement Manufacturer
In most countries the cement industry is based on local production with only small amounts of imports. Israel became a cement manufacturer in 1925 when the first bags of cement were produced at Nesher's Haifa plant. Nesher has since led in local production of cement and has been an integral part of Israel's development. During 80 years the company has produced 125 million tons of cement, which among other things, has been used in the construction of 4 million homes.

Customer Focused Service
Nesher's ultimate aim is customer satisfaction by providing reliable and the highest
quality products, which are delivered promptly, and meet Israeli and European
regulations and standards. The company works closely with its customers and through
Nesher Trade, the company's product marketing and distribution arm, customer
service instruments include: Cement Direct - Customer Call Center: This center
facilitates ongoing personal contact between the company and its customers and
enables customers to place new orders and track supplies;
The Technical Support Department: Nesher offers customers ongoing professional assistance,
support and consultations from its own engineers and technological counselors.
Internet - Nesher-On-Line: The company's Internet site provides ongoing information and
enables customers to place orders on-line.

The Most Advanced Production Infrastructure
In the past decade Nesher has invested $500 million in improving production infrastructure
to increase production capacity while protecting the environment. At its Ramle plant, within
the framework of this investment, Nesher utilizes environmentally-friendly "dry" technological
methods, is building one of the world's most advanced vertical mills, and is planning a power station to generate its own electricity. These investments will enable Nesher to maintain its leadership position by improving the quality of its cement, decrease production costs, and ongoing efficiency measures.

Rigorous Quality Assurance
All Nesher's production processes are supervised by computerized quality assurance
systems equipped with the most advanced technologies backed up by testing
laboratories. These systems ensure that the cement leaving the factory is the best
possible quality. All quality assurance activities meet the strictest European and
Israeli standards with ongoing reporting to the Israel Standards Institute.
Nesher is deeply committed to the environment and all our lives, and in producing
cement seeks to prevent pollution. During the past decade the company has invested
more than $100 million. For example, the company has ceased using "wet"
production methods and only utilizes the most advanced "dry" methods; a complex of
hundreds of installations has been set up that filters the air in every stage of the
manufacturing process and significantly reduces emission of dust particles.

Nesher sees Environmental Responsibility as an integral part of the manufacturing
process and its long-term strategy.

Nesher works to promote additional environmental subjects at the national level and
in 1997 set up its subsidiary Nesher Environment Ltd., which exploits the company's
technology for recycling and utilizing industrial waste as fuel and raw materials

Nesher received the Millennium Business Award for Environmental Achievement from the United Nations Environment Program and International Chamber of Commerce.
Commitment to the Community
Nesher sees itself as an integral part of the community it serves. The company has a
Visitors Center, which demonstrates how industry, commerce and the environment
can live in harmony. The Visitors Center is an important educational tool, which
promotes the values of responsible enterprise espoused by Nesher and which attracts
thousands of children and youth as well as adults each year.
Subsidiaries & Holdings
Nesher's main subsidiaries and holdings include:
Nesher Sachar cement maketing ltd. (100%): The marketing and sales arm of the company.
Taman (PPM) Ltd. (100%): Manufactures cement bags for Nesher and bags for other clients.
MP Mineral Ltd. (100%): Quarrying and producing white chalk and related products.
Taavura Holdings Ltd. (50%): Israel's largest truck transportation and logistics company.
Nesher-Shmei Bar (50%): An industrial joint venture.
Israel Shipyards Ltd. (19%): Designs and builds shipping vessels.